The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited at Easton. June 5, 1962.
24” x 36”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
Webb Rail LLC Collection

June 5, 1962. Northern Pacific Railway’s eastbound Vista-Dome North Coast Limited, train No. 26, has
just descended a steep mountain grade at Easton, Washington, with Lake Easton and the Cascades in
the background. Easton is a small town 38 miles northwest of Ellensburg on NP’s Tacoma Division.
Double track extends westward from Easton to Martin, located just outside the east portal of Stampede
Tunnel at the summit of Stampede Pass, and from Stampede down to Lester on the west side of the
pass. The 12-car passenger train includes Slumbercoach 328, “Loch Ness,” and dome-coach 549, both
built by the Budd Company in, respectively, 1959 and 1957. The Slumbercoach is the only unpainted
stainless-steel car in the train; all others wear the famous two-tone green scheme developed by famous
industrial designer Raymond Loewy in 1953. The 10th car is dome sleeper 313, built by Budd in 1954.
This will become a 14-car train at Pasco when a 56-seat coach is switched out and three cars are
switched in, including another vista-dome coach. A vista-dome coach contains 46 reclining leg-rest seats
on the main level and 24 seats in the dome section, where 360-degree vision affords sweeping views of
magnificentand varied scenery along the North Coast Limited’s 2,319-mile route between Seattle and
Chicago. Lake Easton is a reservoir created by the Easton Diversion Dam, constructed on the Yakima
River in 1929. A friendly brakeman in the westbound freight train’s caboose exchanges waves with the
conductor and passengers in the vista-dome, some of whom are equipped with cameras and NP’s handy
brochure, “Shooting Tips for Camera Fans.” Next stop for No. 26: Ellensburg. Final stop for the freight
train: Auburn.

Bill Kuebler
December 2019

Caption by Bill Kuebler, Author of the book “the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited” available at the
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association.

This is the second paintings I have done for Webb Rail LLC. of their collection of railway equipment,
including NP Dome-sleeper #313, Dome-coach #549 and Slumber-Coach Loch Ness.
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