18” x 24”, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2006
Steve Bradley Collection

It's the late '50s, steam is making its last stand on the busy Canadian National Railways Toronto-Montreal
mainline, and once common Northerns are becoming rarer by the day.

Following a brief evening shower, First 444, “the first Bullet” is about to crest the hill at Scarboro, Ontario, with
brand new CNR GP9 4403 assisting Northern 6210. A mile to the east the Geep will cut-off and run back to the
station to await its next assignment, while the 6210 continues east with the Bullet.

With plenty of trains and “usually” friendly and tolerant operators and train crews, Scarboro was the favorite
hangout for three young boys who not only shared their passion for railroading, but will remain close friends
decades later.
The First Bullet
Preliminary Pencil Sketch
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