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Peace at Last
24" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas, 2014
Private Collection

On a cold and blustery evening in December 1945 there is holiday season activity at the Northern Pacific Railway
depot in Staples, MN. Peace has finally come to the nation after nearly four years at war. However, the joy of the
season will be bittersweet, tempered by memories and reminders of the cost of peace. The idling twin motors of
NP gas-electric B-24 indicates that No.2, the east bound North Coast Limited is on schedule to arrive shortly.
The doodlebug and a coach make up No.56, the Staples-Duluth local waiting to connect with No.2. Then No.2676
arrives with the first section of No.2. Once connection has been made the local will quickly depart eastward for
Duluth, MN and No.2 will continue its journey to St Paul, MN about 140 miles southeast.
Copyright © David A. Oram