Night Meet
18" x 24", Oil on Canvas, 2004
James A. Brown Collection

At roughly 2:40 a.m. two Northerns meet at Tichborne, Ontario the halfway point between Toronto and Montreal
and a refuel stop for most trains. These two locomotives are noted for being the only two Northerns owned by
the Canadian Pacific Railway, both of them built at their famed Augus shops. These locomotives were built in
1928 and went directly into service on the Toronto-Montreal overnight trains, which they would remain assigned
to until 1953. Here the K1a #3100 is on train 22, headed east towards Montreal, it is waiting patiently in the
siding for #3101 on train 21 to pass. Train 22 will cross over to the main so it too can pick up coal and then
head to the station to pick up passengers.
Night Meet
Preliminary Colour Pencil Sketch
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Night Meet Pencil Sketch
Copyright © David A. Oram