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24” x 36”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018
Juniata Terminal Collection

Story by Eric B. Levin
Mail #9 at UN Interlocking Gallitzin, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, November 1st 1960 1:10 PM
Helper 8609 off the head end of #9 clears UN interlocking on the “Altoona Loop” and is being held short of AR
for a three unit east slope set ahead and a Conemaugh helper reversing at AR.
The operator at AR pulled up the 32R signal at UN and has #9 on the move down the siding on a Medium Clear
indication where it will cross over to track four.
#9’s three EP22’s trailed by twenty four mail and express cars plus cabin departed Harrisburg at 9:30 AM and
arrived Altoona 12:15 PM for crew change and to add APS-24MS 8609 ahead. Helper ahead and air test complete
at 12:31 PM and on the move 3 minutes late at 12:38 on account traffic ahead. Thirty-two minutes later #9
cleared UN on time.
Copyright © David A. Oram