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Evening Vista at Nagos
24” x 36”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
Webb Rail LLC Collection

June 4, 1962. Northern Pacific Railway's westbound Vista-Dome North Coast Limited, train No. 25,
ascends a steep mountain grade at Nagos, Montana. Nagos is but a lonely siding located 12 miles west
of Missoula. The 14-car train includes three diesel-electric locomotive "F-units" and four "vista-dome"
cars--two dome coaches near the front of the train, and two dome sleepers near the rear. The first dome
sleeper in the train, no. 313, appears in the foreground. It contains four roomettes, four duplex single
rooms under the dome, and four double bedrooms. Low evening sun illuminates the scenic wonder of the
Coriacan Defile, which lies just ahead of this crack domeliner. Next stop: Paradise, Montana

Caption by Bill Kuebler, Author of the book “the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited” available at the
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association.

This is first of two paintings I will be doing for Webb Rail LLC. of their collection of NP passenger cars,
including Dome-sleeper #313, Dome-coach #549 and Slumber-Coach Loch Ness.
Evening Vista at Nagos (Detail)
24” x 36”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
Webb Rail LLC Collection